Numerology Readings

Numerology readings fully examine and interpret the spelling and arrangement of letters in your full birthname and your current use name, as well as the numbers comprising your date of birth.  Each letter of your birth name has an intrinsic number value full of poignant information about your personality and unfoldment of events in your life.

The first part of your numerology reading will be a character profile in which the meanings of the name and birthdate values are juxtaposed, combined and synthesized into a comprehensive character profile.

The second part of your numerology reading takes this to the next level with a time sensitive interpretation and prognostication of your potentials, likelihoods, and inevitables.

Another reason people get numerology readings is for guidance with a change of name. Every name has a unique combination of vibrational energy and a work up of the numbers will help you choose an attractive new name with high potential for you to meet your life objectives.

The fee for your numerology consultation will range between $175 and $300. Rates will be adjusted depending upon the nature of the reading, length of the reading, and whether we are doing the reading at my office, an outside location, or by phone. Payments are accepted in cash or by credit card (add 4%).

Please call Bill at 323-375-8945 or send an email to to set up your session.

Astrology Readings

Your personal astrology chart is derived from the time, date, and place of your birth and is a functional blueprint of your disposition and soul energies. It operates as a clock, a map, and a calendar for your past, present, and future.

By analyzing the unique architecture of your chart I am able to see into your personal energy cycles. I can help you to answer pressing questions and address casual concerns. You can bring up anything that is important to you openly, safely and confidentially. As an expert on conundrums and the seemingly intractable, I can objectively and nonjudgmentally advise you on almost any matter of concern.

You don't have to be in a crisis to gain insight from an astrology reading. Many people have personal consultations to broaden their well developed perspective. A reading can offer reassurance or remove illusions that may inhibit decisive action.

By understanding how the heavenly bodies have affected you in the past, are currently operating, and will impact upon you in the future , you stand to gain valuable insight into how to use the current cosmic climate to live a better, more satisfying, and empowered life.

Your consultation includes a highly personalized detailed forecast for the upcoming calendar year. If you are a veteran of astrology, I will omit the basic character profiling portion of the reading upon request and focus my interpretation on the past, present, and future matters of your choice.

There are certain items of information I will need from you at the time you book your appointment. These include:

-Your date of birth
-Your city of birth
-Your time of birth (if your exact time of birth is not available, an approximate time of day will do.)

If I am to do a reading for a child or a pet, I must have these items of information for them.

All matters in your consultation will be kept confidential.

Consultation fees range between $175 and $300 and must be agreed upon in advance. Your rate will depend upon the type of reading, length of the session, and whether we are meeting at my office or an outside location. Skype and phone readings cost the same as they do at the office. Studen and youth discounts are available with proof of age. Payments are accepted in cash, credit card (add 4%), or by paypal invoice for long distance readings.

If you would like to schedule an in person or telephone/skype consultation, or have a simple question about setting up a consultation, you are welcome to send me an email to or call me on my office ground line between 9 am and 7pm California time at 323-375-8945 (please leave a voicemail for a return call). I am located in the Echo Park Hills, convenient to the freeways, downtown Los Angeles, Hollywood, Silverlake, Los Feliz, and the San Fernando/San Gabriel Valleys.

If a general consultation and prognostication is not specific enough for your current needs, I offer specialized consultations including synastry interpretations (astrological compatability between any two charts), electional consultations (determining the best upcoming dates for events such as weddings, surgery, or business openings), and locational astrology (placing your chart in different world locations to determine where your objectives will best be met or what you might expect if you move to a given location).

I am available to do mini-readings for parties in the Los Angeles area. Please inquire for more details...

There is no nicer or more personal birthday gift than an astrology reading and forecast. Custom gift certificates can be furnished for $15 extra or just come by my office and pay me for the gift session and then put my number or business card in the birthday card so your gift recipient can call me to set up the most convenient time for their reading.

I have been studying astrology and numerology since 1990 and have offered professional consultations since 1994. While I draw from a wide arsenal of tools and techniques, I believe in a direct, no nonsense, yet compassionate approach to divination consultation that is free of ambiguous references and arcane nomenclature. No matter what your reasons are for having a consultation with me, the tone of my readings is straightforward, upbeat, and helpful. I make a point of focusing on what is positive and workable while never being gratuitously ingratiating. I do my best to provide the maximum amount of beneficial and truly helpful information to every client who dignifies me with his or her business. All types of clients over 18 years of age are welcome.

To see testimonials from some of my clients, please click here: Client Testimonials

I look forward to your inquiries for consultations, gift readings, and parties! --

No TV appearances, broadcast interviews, or free services will be granted.

Thank you.

All The Best:

Bill Mayer Montmorency - The Los Angeles Astrologer and Numerologist

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